Can’t transfer Lisk after migration


I’m trying to transfer my balance from old Lisk nano to the new account. I’m using Lisk desktop 2.3.0.

I press Send a reclaim transaction and am receiving this error: Transaction payload was rejected by the network node: Legacy address corresponding to sender publickey was not found in the genesis account state.

Could you please help me to transfer Lisk from my old wallet.

If you remember your Lisk address, please visit the following site for account information.

You have never sent outgoing transaction, and have transactions that you do not remember, unfortunately, your LSK may have been stolen.


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I remember my Lisk address and see the balance, there is no outgoing transactions. I just can’t transfer my balance.

your old address here Lisk Account Analyzer

Please make sure that the address you logged in with Lisk Desktop is the same as the address displayed on this site.
In the same case, there is no problem with your account.
Please send it then so that there will be more than 0.05 LSK left in the account.

Hi, your funds were stolen due to a collision attack. Since your account wasn’t initialized on the old network (didn’t have at least one outgoing transaction) a bad actor could reclaim the funds before you as shown in the link below
@mdmg gave you links about the topic and why it was important to initialize the account
Sorry, there’s nothing you can do about it now.

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Wow! =(
So you guys are saying that even though I can still see the balance in my old account, it no longer belongs to me because someone reclaimed my old address by making a transaction and changing the public key?

How do I use my new Desktop wallet now? The only operation available is the balance transfer of my old account. And when a transaction error appears, there is no way to close the error window and use the wallet.

Yes, that’s pretty much what happened, and it was only possible to an account with no outgoing transaction. With the new network it’s not the case anymore. To get access to your 6.9929 LSK try using Lisk Mobile wallet or ‎Lisk on the App Store, and put the 12 word passphrase there.

Yes, I use Mobile wallet and have already made an outgoing transaction there just to be safe (didn’t know this problem was fixed in the new network lol). Thanks for the help guys!

After a little investigation, it looks like whoever owns this wallet stole mine and very likely other people’s coins. IDK if it can help in some way but want to share.