Deposit/withdrawal closed in all exchanges!

Hello. Why are all well-known exchanges having their lisk wallet inactive for a long time?! I know it has something to do with the lisk node upgrade, but why does it take so long?? I contacted binance support, they told me the problem comes from lisk developers! Meanwhile, developers are not giving us any excuses or clarifications about this inconvenient situation!! Does anybody here have a helpful information??

Hi @Mouradbr , yes Lisk had a major upgrade in August, the Lisk network is operational for months already. It’s up to an individual exchange to make their software compatible with the new network. Many exchanges like Kraken, Bitflyer, Bitbay did upgrade to the new Lisk already. Exchanges have dedicated channel with Lisk developers if they find any troubles with upgrading, there’s nothing Lisk can do to speed up that process. Be patient, it’s a matter of time for Binance to open their deposits and withdrawals.


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thanks my issue has been fixed.