Enable forging returns error "Delegate not found"


When trying to activate forging on your node, the following response was received: Delegate with publicKey: xyz not found

Solution 1: Node still syncing
Check the current height of your Node and compare it with the Height in Explorer. If your Nodes’ height is significantly lower than the height shown in the Explorer, it means your Node is still syncing/downloading the Lisk Blockchain. At this time enabling forging might fail, due to the fact that the Delegate registration has not been downloaded yet. To solve this issue, wait until your Node is fully synced.

Solution 2: Missing data in config
Check your config.json in section forging.delegates . If it is required to enable forging for a particular delegate on your node, an object with the delegates’ public key and encrypted passphrase in that section needs to be stored, as described in the configuration:forging section.