Enable forging returns error "Invalid password and public key combination"


When trying to activate forging on a node like described in section Enable/Disable forging, it responds with: {"message":"\"Invalid password and public key combination\""} .


As the message states, the provided combination of your delegates publicKey and the password is invalid. Please ensure both properties are set to the correct values, and that the original passphrase of your account is not used with that command.

The naming convention is explained below:

  • Passphrase is always referring to the 12-word long mnemonic passphrase that was created at the same time as your Lisk ID. This should always be kept secure and private. For communication with the API the passphrase is not sent in plaintext. However, the password is sent in plaintext so it can be used to encrypt the passphrase which is stored in your config.
  • Password is always referring to the secret word(s) used to encrypt the passphrase symmetrically, as described in the Forging section.