Error during JS SDK run

Error: Lisk validator found 2 error[s]:
must match pattern “^[a-zA-Z][0-9a-zA-Z_-]*$”
Property ‘.rootPath’ must match format “path”

Hi, I just setup Node.js project with documentation( Quickstart ) and got this error any idea how to solve?

In config.json I have this line.

“rootPath”: “~/.lisk”,

Hi @vardenmelik I’m not sure why do get this error. Did you alter some files, or you just went exactly how the guide tells? I just installed from scratch and couldn’t replicate. Yes the “rootPath”: “~/.lisk” should be in the config.json

Would be nice if you could share your OS, and node.js version


Thx for a quick response.

node version: v16.15.1

OS name: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Ent
OS version: 6.3.9600

Windows is currently not supported by the SDK natively, if you want to develop on Windows you need to use a virtual machine or WSL (with Ubuntu installed)

Ah ok,
So Ubuntu is recommended?

Supported Operating Systems

The Lisk SDK will run on both the Ubuntu and MacOS operating systems listed below:

yes :slight_smile: Ubuntu 20.04 :slight_smile:

Thank you, will try)

One more question,
Are their Lisk telegram developers channel or group?

Yes! the best place to join is Lisk discord, you can find it here There’s a dedicated channel for developers and whole bunch of other channels where community hang out :slight_smile:

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