Fungible Token on Lisk

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I am new to Lisk and I need someone to help find a way to create/transfer Fungible Token (equivalent of ERC20 on ETH). I cannot find any docs in Lisk describing the process of minting/transfering Fungible Tokens.

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Hi @benja_heart :wave:

In Lisk you create tokens by creating your own blockchain application (DApp). A blockchain application is a separate blockchain with its own set of validators and network and own native token. You create it by using Lisk-SDK, here’s a hello world example on how to do it
Building blockchain applications with the Lisk SDK :: Lisk documentation
and here’s how to send a transaction within the app
How to send a transaction to the network :: Lisk documentation
This explains the process using Lisk-SDK 5.2.2.

With SDK 6.x which is currently under QA process you’ll be able to (thanks to the interoperability protocol), register and connect your blockchain app to the Lisk mainchain and transfer your tokens between compatible application in the ecosystem.

So currently with SDK 5.2.2 you can only create a separate blockchain and transfer its token within the app without the ability of connecting it to the Lisk mainchain.

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