How to update your nodes to latest Lisk Core version (Binary)

Note: A more comprehensive guide will be provided in, this is a temporary solution

  1. Download new updates:
    • wget
    • wget
  2. Verify checksum
    • sha256sum -c lisk-core-v3.0.2-linux-x64.tar.gz.SHA256
  3. Stop running Lisk Core
    • pm2 stop lisk-core (If configured using pm2, if using other options please make sure to stop the lisk-core right after you forge)
  4. Backup (please create your backup directory
    • tar cf ~/dot_lisk.tar.gz ~/.lisk/
  5. Extract
    • tar xf /home/lisk/lisk-core-v3.0.2-linux-x64.tar.gz -C /home/lisk/
  6. Start Lisk Core
    • Update pm2 config to include flag --overwrite-config (required only for first time for 3.0.2, from next restart you can remove this flag)
    • pm2 start lisk-core
  7. Sanity check
    • Check for core version lisk-core --version
    • unlockFixHeight value for testnet is 14867989 and for mainnet 16785878
    • Check if the new unlockFixHeight is correctly set using command grep unlockFixHeight /home/lisk/.lisk/lisk-core/config/testnet/config.json
  8. Enable forging