Installing the lisk-sdk on M1 Macs

For any future readers that are having issues with installing lisk-sdk on their m1 Mac (compiling rocksdb in particular), this is what solved the issue for me:

  • Uninstall all versions of node installed with nvm. Thoroughly.
  • Uninstall other node installations
  • Double check if all is gone with which node
  • Download the installer package from the official nodejs website (direct link to latest v12 LTS:
    Install pkg

Strangely enough this is different from installing the same version using nvm.

EDIT #1:
It appears that n is working properly. You can use this as an alternative to nvm to easily switch node versions.


Thanks a lot for this tipp! I was about to go crazy …

It even did not work with node version 12.22.0. :blush:

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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