Lisk Core Binary install returns error "A process is already listening on port 5432"


After running , the installation script is aborted with the following output:

Error: A process is already listening on port 5432 PostgreSQL by default listens on and attempting to run two instances at the same time will result in this installation failing To proceed anyway, use the -i flag to ignore the warning.

PostgreSQL is already installed on your system and listening to the PostgreSQL default port 5432. For example, this can happen when a second Lisk Core node is installed on the same server.

Solution 1:
If postgreSQL has been installed globally on the system, disable it using the following commands:

sudo systemctl stop postgresql
sudo systemctl disable postgresql

Possible data inside of databases remains stored in this case.

Solution 2:
If postgreSQL has been installed globally on the system and the data in it is not needed anymore, simply remove the already installed postgreSQL by running the following command:

sudo apt-get --purge remove postgresql postgresql-doc postgresql-common

With source install, you can also start a new cluster of psql on another port, as :
sudo pg_createcluster -p 5433 --locale en_US.UTF-8 --start 10 main
And then, define it in your config or env

Perhaps this could also be possible with binary and commander, i never tried yet

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