Lisk Core v3 rc.3 to rc.4 Testnet upgrade guide (including Lisk Service update steps)

Lisk-Core Update flow

  • Stop running lisk-core
  • Make a backup of your custom configuration and the pm2.conf.json file.
  • Download latest lisk-core from binary or npm
    • Binary:
      curl -o lisk-core.tar.gz
      tar -xf ./lisk-core.tar.gz
    • NPM:
      npm install --global lisk-core@3.0.0-rc.4
  • Remove old snapshots, if existent:
    rm blockchain.db.tar.gz && rm blockchain.db.tar.gz.SHA256
  • Download the testnet snapshot from height 14183092 (rollbacked snapshot):
    lisk-core blockchain:download -n testnet
  • Verify the checksum of the snapshot:
    sha256sum blockchain.db.tar.gz
  • The sha256 checksum should be
  • Import the testnet snapshot from height 14183092
    lisk-core blockchain:import --force ./blockchain.db.tar.gz
  • Remove PoM data if any. By default, it would be below path
    rm -f ~/.lisk/lisk-core/plugins/data/lisk-framework-report-misbehavior-plugin.db
  • Update network version on lisk-core
    update networkVersion to "3.0" on file ~/lisk-core/config/testnet/custom-config.json
  • Start running lisk-core
    lisk-core start -n testnet --api-ws
  • Check valid forger info:
    lisk-core forging:status
  • Use the forger info to enable forging

Lisk-Service Update flow (Docker)

In case you’ve been using Installation with Docker - Lisk Service Docs

  • Stop running Lisk Service (make down)
  • Update lisk-core with the instructions above
  • Start Lisk Service (make up)

Lisk-Service Update flow (source code)

In case you’ve been using Installation from source code - Lisk Service Docs

  • Stop running Lisk Service
    • Ctrl+C when using npm start
    • pm2 stop lisk-service-core for PM2 deployments
  • Flush the MySQL database:
    • Access the MYSQL CLI:
      mysql -u root -p
    • and then
      mysql> DROP DATABASE lisk; CREATE DATABASE lisk
  • Flush Redis
    • Access the Redis CLI:
    • and then type
      (note this will drop your all Redis DBs)
  • Update lisk-core with the above instructions
  • Start Lisk Service (npm start or pm2 restart lisk-service-core)

The Lisk Service search index needs to be rebuilt. It can take 1-2 hrs depending on the machine you’re using.