Local lisk-core node not updated with mainnet transactions

HI, this is a newbie question: I’ve just installed locally a lisk-core node and (after changing the config) I can query the accounts/ delegates/ transactions.
So I create an address using the Lisk wallet and moved some LSK from my kraken account.

My question is:

If I query the transactions curl -X GET "https://node.lisk.io/api/transactions?recipientId=14741715605317662405L&limit=10&offset=0&sort=amount%3Aasc" -H "accept: application/json" : fine I can get my transaction filtering by recipientId !

But If I query my local node nope!

Is this a normal behaviour?
How can I update my local blockchain with the mainnet? Is this just matter of time or there is some refresh endpoint to call?

Thanks in advance for the support
Best regards

Hi :slight_smile:

Yes, if everything is setup correctly the query should work.
Make sure you’ve installed the correct version of core, currently for mainnet it’s 2.1.6.

And if you are already on the right version check your node height with this endpoint /api/node/status if it’s the same as the one on https://explorer.lisk.io/. Node takes some time to sync after installation.

And if it’s still doesn’t work can you post your query response?

Best regards.

Thank you for you immediate reply. In effect I was installing it in the wrong way (i just cloned the github repo lisk-core and run docker compose up)

Installing it via the script works!