React app front end require node 14

Following the instructions to install the React app and folder. I got an error:
npx create-react-app hello_frontend
npx: installed 67 in 13.882s
You are running Node 12.22.7.
Create React App requires Node 14 or higher.
Please update your version of Node.

  • I could just use the nvm and switch to 14 for just the React app, but I am afraid once I got back to 12
    for the blockchain, that might cause some problems.
    Should I use a virtual environment to install node.js version instead? how do I resolve this ? thanks

Hi @fovanessians Thank you for checking the tutorial section and sorry for the temporary incompatibility with node.js v12. The future SDK will work on a higher version.

For now try using npx create-react-app@3.4.1 hello_frontend --scripts-version 4.0.3 command, and after installing the frontend put SKIP_PREFLIGHT_CHECK=true in the .env file inside the hello_frontend folder.

Hope it helps,

thank you sir. I will do as you stated. I hope to build a simple DApp on Lisk once I get the basics down. Is there a python front end available on GitHub?

Not that I know of, sorry.

Hi everybody I had the same concern about the compatibility of the nodes versions.

But I hade another concern too which is the following :
Can I Install react router V6 instead of React router V5 ?
Thank you for your help.

Unfortunately not, for now the suggested version is react-router-dom@5.3.0

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To clarify… you can use React Router v6 with Node v12 (unlike CRA v5). However, the hello tutorial app uses React Router v5 which uses a slightly different syntax in some places.