Trouble installing Lisk-SDK?

I was previously using Lisk-SDK v2.3.6 and wanted to upgrade to the latest version v3.0.1. But ran into various errors.

The solution was to update node and npm to the latest versions:
node --version < check your current node version
npm install npm@latest -g < update npm
npm cache clean -f < cleans the cache
npm install -g n < makes upgrading nodejs easy
n stable < get the latest stable version

Don’t worry if you try node --version and see the same version, just close your session with the server and re-login and it will show that the latest version of node is installed.

Then try to install the latest version of the SDK again by updating package.json or using npm install lisk-sdk


Note: if you’re upgrading you might need to drop and re-create the lisk-dev database.