Init delegates list is large

Hello everybody I need your help please I am new in blockchain developpemlent.
here is my probleme:
when I run the following commant:
./bin/run start

I get the follwing error:

Error: Genesis block init delegates list is larger than allowed delegates per round.

please can some one help me?
thank you

Hi @lemzo63 without knowing what exactly did you do, it’s hard to tell why you got that error. But it’s pretty much self explanatory. You have to many initial delegates in the genesis_block.json file

You are right my friend I customized my configJson with 31 activated delegates while I had 101 activated delegates that was why I got this error.
I solvede that issue by replacing 31 by 101 likke this:
“activateddelagtes”: 101,
in my customs configJson.

thank you very much for you dedication.

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