Invalid Schema Property Found , Path: address, 0

when using call action app:getAccount after Sending Transaction, instead of verifying transaction it gives me an error. Following tutorial guide on hello_app.

Distributor ID: Debian
Description: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Release: 10
Codename: buster

lisk-commander/5.1.7 linux-x64 node-v12.22.7
git version 2.20.1

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Hi @fovanessians not sure what modification you did to the hello_app but everytime you change schema, add modules, you need to regenerate the genesis block, see here Generating a genesis block - Lisk SDK Docs. If you did, try removing the application data here rm -r ~/.lisk/<YOUR_APP>
Does it happen when you launch the app from scratch?


------------ EDIT -----------
I did the tutorial from scratch and ran the dashboard plugin, it seems like there is an issue. For the time being please use the CLI commands Application CLI Commands - Lisk SDK Docs

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Hi przemer, thank you so much for answering.
I first reviewed all the module files because I thought
perhaps the call for the application actions might
be incorrect. The GitHub files do not match the tutorial
instructions for the most part. I had to update the
libraries being called. I then went through the instructions you mentioned
removed, the directory under the root/.lisk/hello_app
completely went through this page to re-start the blockchain
then re-started the server.

I still get this error:

Error: Invalid schema property found, Path: address, 0
when I ask for the call action app:getAccount

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Yes, I understand, that’s why there’s an edit in my previous post stating there’s an issue with the dashboard plugin. Untill it’s resolved you need to use the CLI commands Application CLI Commands - Lisk SDK Docs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you again, The CLI is working fine. Now I cannot create a hello message transaction or send it. I have searched the help in the shell and on this forum and I cannot find the proper syntax . The documentation in the shell only shows how to create a transaction using a monetary asset.
Where or how do I incorporate the message in this command?

./bin/run transaction:create MODULEID ASSETID FEE

transaction:create 1000 0 100000000 --asset=’{“amount”:100000000,“recipientAddress”:“2775cc7a9c2220434e450c03cea6b6156c7758ea”,“data”:“send token”}’

Hello @fovanessians if you followed exactly the hello world tutorial the CLI command should look like this
./bin/run transaction:create 1000 0 100000000 --asset='{"helloString":"Your message"}'
the asset schema contains only the helloString property.

Also if you’re not sure how your asset={} should look like, just type
./bin/run transaction:create 1000 0 100000000
without the asset part. The CLI should ask you for all the required parameters.