Problem with my old lisk wallet

Hello, I instal new desktop lisk wallet, I have problem with my account. When I am logged to my account and send my 12 words passphrase, suddenly I notice thena i don;t have any coin. I think then I must import data from my old wallet, but i Don’t know how? Could Yoy help me ?

Hi @Dawid86 :wave:
When importing your account, select Legacy account option

if you still can’t see the balance, please provide your address, so we can check the status of the account.


Thank’s Ypu advice help me. Everything is ok now. But I have another questions. How I can log out, and log in to lisk wallet?

You can’t log out in the current version, every transaction will require your password that you created when importing the account (so you’re safe in that sense)

But if you really don’t want to leave any trace, you would have to remove the account from the wallet each time you close it, and then re-import it when you want to use it again.

Thank’s for reply. Best regards